Gregory and Cheryl Snell

Not sure there’s enough room here…. Jessica was the ideal person to meet when we were considering a huge move. We had already discussed selling with another agent and did not feel at all cared for but Jessica turned that all around. From the moment we met her she gave us the confidence needed to get through the process with ease. She was on top of things like I’ve not seen before. She told me that her team hoped to have us in escrow within two weeks at a selling price much higher than we were told possible. I was hopeful but…. Eight days later!!! Yes we were in escrow on our sale AND the purchase of our new home. And I should mention that Jessica was able to do this all while in the last stages of pregnancy. In fact giving birth a couple days before entering signing escrow papers. I would like to add that Jessica works for The Harley Group and worked hand in hand with Nicolette Harley Barth, owner of the company. Nicolette was amazing, attentive, structured, and very comforting throughout the process as well. She took over and seamlessly carried the progress through to the end.

I can’t say enough about the positive experience we had with the Harley Group and both Jessica and Nicolette. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a human touch and professional service for any of their future real estate needs.

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